Marathon of Prayer

Follow this guide to pray with us each day;


Day 1 - September 10

Pray for our staff as we head to Liebenzell Retreat Centre to play, pray and plan for a new season of ministry

Day 2 - September 11

Pray for our kids/youth at school- for a year of safety and academic growth

Day 3 - September 12

Pray for Chris Jong, Community Director at Camp Victory in North Etobicoke

Day 4 - September 13

Pray for our partnership with Toronto Police and for their safety as they serve

Day 5 - September 14

Praise God for Forest Brook Community Church and how they generously lend their facility to us

Day 6 - September 15

Pray for Janelle Jong, Ministry Supervisor at Camp Victory in North Etobicoke

Day 7 - September 16

Praise God for our Promise Partners and generous donors

Day 8 -  September 17

Pray for the community of Warden Woods in Scarborough

Day 9 -  September 18

Pray for Kelly Stouffer, Community Director in Scarborough.

Day 10 - September 19

Thank God for Thistletown Baptist Church, North Etobicoke (home of Camp Victory)

Day 11 - September 20

Pray for Jeffrey Ng, Ministry Supervisor at Camp Hope in Warden Woods

Day 12 - September 21

Pray for Lynda Kentie, Office Administrator

Day 13 - September 22

Praise God for the Run for Promise team members- advocates of children & youth in Toronto Community Housing (TCH)

Day 14 - September 23

Pray for the parents & grandparents raising children in TCH neighbourhoods

Day 15 - September 24

Pray for high school age youth- for wisdom, protection and guidance every day

Day 16 - September 25

Pray for those incarcerated and away from family & friends

Day 17 - September 26

Pray for Shawn James, Executive Director.

Day 18 - September 27

Pray for Stephanie McBride, Coordinator of Staff Care

Day 19 - September 28

Pray for the victims of gun violence in our city, and their families

Day 20 - September 29

Pray for Olivia Wallace, Ministry Supervisor at Camp Victory, North Etobicoke

Day 21 - September 30

Pray for the staff of Toronto Community Housing Corporation

Day 22 - October 1

Pray for Julius Naredo, Community Director in Warden Woods

Day 23 - October 2

Pray for our the UrbanPromise international family; Camden, Trenton, Wilmington, Miami, Charlotte, Honduras, Uganda and Malawi

Day 24 - October 3

Pray for the teachers and administration we serve alongside in our neighbourhoods.

Day 25 - October 4

Pray for Peter Kentie, Director of Finance and Operations

Day 26 - October 5

Praise God for the Mission Teams that come to serve throughout the year, and pray God would continue to provide in this way

Day 27 - October 6

Pray for the community of Mount Olive in North Etobicoke

Day 28 - October 7

Pray for Lindsay Wadsworth, Communications Director

Day 29 - October 8

Happy Thanksgiving! Give thanks for the many lives that have been changed throughout our 20 years of ministry

Day 30 - October 9

Praise God for our many cheerful volunteers who give their time to serve

Day 31 - October 10

Pray for all our children & youth in TCH neighbourhoods who have grown up without knowing the love of an earthly father

Day 32 - October 11

Pray that God would continue to provide for the financial needs of UrbanPromise Toronto

Day 33 - October 11

Pray for Ayesha Madden, Ministry Supervisor in Warden Woods

Day 34 - October 13

Pray for the leaders of the City of Toronto

Day 35 - October 14

Pray for the young adults who we knew as children, now restoring their community through school and the workplace

Day 36 - October 15

Pray for Christine Lee, Ministry Supervisor in Warden Woods

Day 37 - October 16

Thank God for each child at After School Program- for His creativity in making each one unique

Day 38 - October 17

Praise God for our extraordinary StreetLeaders who serve at After School Program

Day 39 - October 18

Praise God for every donation made to Run for Promise 2017

Day 40 - October 19

Pray that Sunday's run would teach us perseverance, both physically and spiritually

Day 41 - October 20

Pray for rest, health and peace for the Run for Promise Team as they prepare for tomorrow's race

Day 42 - October 21

Race Day! Pray for safety and perseverance at the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon today