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Do you feel a call to Missions? Serving as an urban missionary is not easy.
There are many ways in which our staff are challenged, disappointed, confused, and broken.
 However our staff also experience great joy as they follow God's call on their life to serve in the city.

The joy we experience as we celebrate each small victory, and join in each life's journey is unmatched.

Our team is an example of God’s rich creativity. It is a group of individuals that truly function as one body. It isn’t perfect, but by God’s grace we’re being refined each day and learning how to do it better. All as we follow His call for us collectively as UrbanPromise Toronto.
If you are serious about engaging in full time ministry in the city, and you’re interested in learning more about UrbanPromise Toronto and the opportunities there are to join us, let us know.




Do you have some time to give to our programs? Volunteer with us.

Current Opportunities:

Ministry Supervisor