Mission Teams

Are you a leader looking for an opportunity to impact your students?

UrbanPromise Toronto is a Christian non-profit organization committed to raising up a generation of young leaders from Toronto Community Housing neighborhoods who love Jesus and serve their community. This means a 20-year journey with a child, and their family, to help them overcome the obstacles that poverty creates and become young leaders with exceptional character who are determined to serve the next generation of children growing up in their own communities. These leaders will be extraordinary not in spite of hardship, but precisely because they know what it means to persevere and overcome. They will have a restoring influence in the city of Toronto, across Canada and even around the world.

Bring a team to serve a one week mission experience with UrbanPromise Toronto!

The Adventure:
Your team arrives on a Sunday.
Your team stays at a local church with sleeping areas, kitchen and shower facilities. 
Your team receives orientation and training to help you prepare for ministry. 

Ministry in the Community:
Your team is assigned to a serve with a community team. 
Your team participates in devotions, preparations, and program activities.
Your team builds relationship with children 5-14 years old in an urban setting.

Ministry to your Team:
Your team shares an experience of serving together. 
Your team shares an experience of life together, serving each other.
Your team shares an opportunity of growing together spiritually.

You Provide:
A Police Criminal Reference Check for each team member. 
Food, meals, transportation to Toronto and within the city
Male and female leaders- one leader for every five youth. 
Insurance coverage from your church or organization. 
Proper documentation and permission forms for Canadian Border Services

The Cost:
Applications by: December 31 - $250 /person  March 1 - $275/person     June 1- $300/person