RISE Coffeehouse & Auction

Mark your calendar, invite your friends! 

You're invited to join us for an art auction and performances by our StreetLeaders on May 13, 2017 at the People's Church, Toronto.

You'll enjoy delectable finger foods, hear great music, and take home some awesome prizes from the raffle and auction.

Our goal is to raise $25,000 to create opportunities for the next generation of young leaders to serve within their community.


What's a StreetLeader?

We create opportunities for high school aged youth to lead after school programs and summer camps. StreetLeaders are taught how to serve others in their community, with an emphasis on their own leadership development and spiritual growth. Through this we continue to disciple, mentor and care for our 'kids' as they venture into young adulthood.

There are a multitude of negative stereotypes attached to teenagers today, and especially so for teenagers in Toronto Community Housing neighbourhoods. This urban setting bears the obvious scars of gangs, drugs, fatherless homes, academic underachievement and the crushing weight of generational poverty.

Our vision is a generation of young leaders from Toronto Community Housing who love Jesus and serve their community.

Can you see it?

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