What We Do

The UrbanPromise Toronto model isn't fancy or complicated.

In fact, at first glance it looks and feels a lot like hanging out. Day in, day out.

But what we are building under the surface is so much more.

3 - 6 : After School Program

Within neighbourhoods of Toronto Community Housing,
school days between 3:00 to 6:00pm are the peak hours for children and youth to commit crimes, be victims of crime, smoke, drink, use drugs and be sexually active. Summer months are also included in this category.

These are the hours after the safety of school, but before an adult is home. Many children from TCH can’t afford extra-curricular activities that emphasize the arts, team sports, or academic excellence. 

The lack of both supervision and meaningful activities can lead to boredom and boredom to vulnerability.
The reality of this urban environment is that illegal substances are accessible, mischief is prevalent and gangs begin recruiting young. 

Children and youth become vulnerable to the streets and the pressure to fit in. 

That’s why after school programs are at the heart of what we do.