Enoch's Story 

"My core desire was to be fathered, to be guided, to be led, to be encouraged, to be affirmed."

Ayesha's Story

"I wasn't just this kid that she would take care of for a few hours after school. She didn't just see me- she noticed me."


Jordan's Story

"Not having my father around, I looked for a guy that I could look up to. So I got introduced to the gang life pretty early... they always seemed to have the things that my mom was struggling to give us... money, food, the jewelry, the cars- and I thought that, that was what a man was supposed to be."

Tristan's Story 

"I remember as a camp counselor teaching the kids about God... I was teaching these kids all about Christianity but I wasn't living it out myself. Through that time I was, I guess, ministering to myself... God was showing me things I needed to change."