John 1:46

Nathanael said, “Can anything good come out of the town of Nazareth?” Philip said, “Come and see.”



Come and See the good coming from Toronto Community Housing


Watch the story of Damilola as she was a child in UPT programs,

became a leader and is now restoring her community & beyond.


We met Ayesha when she was a cheeky 8 year old in After School Program.  She now works with us . Ayesha's story is beautiful, check it out.


Jordan's story is a one of redemption - from gang life and house arrest,

Jordan is now planting a church in his community.



Tristan came to camp as a kid, and grew into an incredibly talented young leader. Listen to his story of learning humility and becoming a mentor.

Enoch is a young man living in Jane/Finch, breaking stereotypes and working to restore his community, giving all the glory to God. 


Curtis grew up through our camps and did a Ride For Promise across Canada, advocating for children living in Toronto Community Housing